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Pash Biography,Pash was the star of Punjabi poetry in the seventies of the world. He was a poet associated directly with his society and his land. Avtar Singh Sandhu ‘Pash’ was born in 9th September 1950 in Talwandi Salem district Jalandhar.Reading the poems of the Pash, you often forget the role of the reader and begin to interview once again with the passing of your own time and your own self, and enter into a self-centered struggle which is intimate with any of your close friends It can be possible only during an honest conversation.In the eighties, what happened once again by Punjab in the dual fascist pressure of the state and Khalistani terrorists, was to be superseded by the passage of colonial suppression. In this rugged period, Loch wrote documentary political poems like ‘Vinayakta’ and ‘Most dangerous’ for ‘Dharmesakshak’.Pash poems are poems of deep history-realization of the time, which has been a bizarre, complex type of transition at the level of the whole world and our country. Pash Biography.Pash poems are political poems in deeper sense. One of the poems of Pash is its rhythm, which is composed of the folk memory of the folk literature of Punjabi folk literature and the long history of people’s struggle there, along with the mud, rivers there, dances and songs from there. But simultaneously, the progression of the Pash also has the duality of the memory, tradition and the pace of contemporary life of the entire Indian people and also the texture of the fraternal relationships of the people fighting the whole world.According to Punjabi poet Balli Singh Cheema, Punjabi, not only the Punjabi but also many scholars of Hindi, Pash, forgetting to believe that only Naxalite movement is a poet, due to some of his famous poems. Chima says, “I understand that it is unfair to Pash because it has painted every color of Punjabi life in its poem.”Cheema explains, “Very few people know that Pash was admitted to the BSF in Jalandhar in 1967 but left after three months, during this time he completed his education at Ninth class in Jain High School. During the involvement in the revolutionary movement, false cases Many times jail was sent and the court was exonerated, after that he completed his 10th standard in 1976 and also took the degree of ‘knowledge’ in Punjabi which was equivalent to BA In view of the poetic talent of Pash, Punjab Academy of Akademi gave him one year fellowship in 1950. Pash Biography.Loch had passed the JBT examination in 1978 from Shaikhpur in Karpurthala district.This examination for becoming a Punjabi teacher in high school It is necessary to pass. “Pash was not only a good poet but also a good editor. He also wrote a magazine named ‘Siyad’ in 1972, and later he was also the editor of ‘Hem Jyoti’ magazine for some time. In July 1986, California continued to remove the journal ‘Anti 47 Front’.The Pash’s three poetry collections were published in his live song, Punjabi. ‘Laukhaitha’ in the 1970s, ‘Udayde Baajan Magar’ in 1973, ‘Saade Sameya Wich’ in 1978.After the death of Loch, poetry collection ‘Khilare Hoe Varke’ was published in 1989 in the editing of Amarjit Chandan.Poetry collection of Pash was also published in Hindi. On March 23, 1989, exactly one year after the martyrdom of Loch, ‘there is no way’. His other poetry collections in Hindi are ‘Time, O Brother Time’, ‘We will fight fellow’, ‘Around the Pash’, ‘Poems of Pash’In Punjab, when Khalistani was on its boom and many writers had kept silence. The pen of the Pash also did not stop at that time. Pash stood on the front of his poems. On March 23, 1988, He Was Killed By militants (Khalistanis) in their village with their friend Hansraj.Pash Biography.

Pash Biography 2019
Real NameAvtar Singh Sandhu
Famous AsPash
Religion Sikh
CastJatt (Sandu)
Date of Birth9 September 1950
Death23 March 1988
Age Till Death37 Years
Residence AddressVillage Talwandi Salem Tehh. Nakoder, Distt. Jalandhar, Punjab
Education QualificationGyani Degree in Punjabi
Wife NameRajwinder Kaur Sandhu
ChildWinkal Sandhu Born On (19-01-1982)
Father NameSohan Singh Sandhu
Mother NameNot Known

Books By Pash

Loh Katha Avtar Singh Pash
Uddade Bazan Magar Avtar Singh Pash
Saade Samian Vich Avtar Singh Pash
Khilre Hoey Varkey Avtar Singh Pash
Sabh Ton Khatarnaak (Complete Poetry) Avtar Singh Pash


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